NEW FOR 2018!


The Rocky Mountain Roubaix and the Montana Hell Ride are joining to bring a new three day spring classic inspired gran fondo event called the Montana Gravel Challenge.  We think what’s best for the Montana Hell Ride and Rocky Mountain Roubaix is to have them be on one big gravel weekend.  We added a stage 1 time trial as an extra piece to offer a zero barrier event for beginners and recreational riders, while also offering racers an early separation before stage 2 and 3.  Stage 2 will be the Montana Hell Ride and Stage 3 will be The Rocky Mountain Roubaix. We have a new website will all information including the new routes!


Click here for information about the Montana Gravel Challenge and the new Rocky Mountain Roubaix




Sunday May 7th, 2017 | Missoula, Montana

The Rocky Mountain Roubaix is a one-day road cycling race inspired by the traditional Spring Classics held west of
Missoula, MT. Expect a mix of smooth and rugged pavement along with ample sections of gravel, undulating terrain, and beautiful Montana landscape.



From Interstate 90 take Exit 89 and continue to the south side of the Interstate. The Elementary School is located at 16495 Main Street, Frenchtown, MT. The race start and awards are located here.


Registration and Fees

Register by April 16th, 11:59PM and be entered to get your registration and t-shirt cost refunded!

Online Registration: $40 +processing fee (open thru race day)
Onsite Registration: $50 at the Frenchtown Elementary School Parking lot from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
— Held under USA Cycling Gran Fondo Permit 2017-1315. No annual or one-day licenses needed.
— SWAG included in registration

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— 9:30 AM -10:30 AM: Checkin/Registration at Frenchtown Elementary School
— 10:45 AM: Mandatory Pre-race Meeting in Staging Area (Elementary School Parking Lot)
— 11:00 AM: Wave 1 – Men’s A Start
— 11:05 AM: Wave 2 – Women’s A Start, Masters Men’s A Start
— 11:10 AM: Wave 3 – Men’s B, Women’s B, Master Men’s B Start
— ~3:00 PM: Awards and Podiums


Distances and Categories

Riders’s may self-select categories. Riders who choose the A categories should be confident, safe, and experienced with racing with others. Consider the A category as advanced road racing ability. B categories will still have groups of riders riding or racing together but will have more opportunity for those not as comfortable riding with others to ride alone, or in smaller, more comfortable groups. The B category may be considered the intermediate to entry-level ability. All abilities are welcome at the Roubaix and if you have any questions on category selection, just ask! You may also change categories after you register if you change your mind (you can see who else registered on our registration page).

— Men’s A: 70 miles (5 Laps)
— Women’s A: 50 miles (3 Laps)
— Masters Men’s A: 50 miles (3 Laps)
— Men’s B: 40 miles (2 Laps)
— Women’s B: 40 miles (2 Laps)
— Master Men’s B: 40 miles (2 Laps)


The Course

The course starts at the Frenchtown Elementary School and proceeds west on Mulan Road. Riders will encounter a one-mile stretch of dirt road before turning north and crossing traintracks and I-90. The race will proceed onto Sixmile and Ninemile roads. Riders will ride two or more clockwise laps on the Remount – West Ninemile – Ninemile road loop and return to Frenchtown the same way they went out. The flat, paved finish will be about 0.5 miles west of the Frenchtown Elementary School.

40 Mile Map
50 Mile Map
70 Mile Map


The road surface ranges from smooth asphalt to rural dirt roads. Riders can fully expect the roads to have potholes and rocks. Sturdy tires and wheels are highly recommended. Racers are advised to carry spare tubes and a pump. The course will be open to vehicular traffic and the centerline rule, which means staying right of the yellow line, will be enforced at all times, this includes the finish.

Riders who are in the main groups may ride more than two abreast, but will remain to the right of the centerline at all times. Riders who are not in the main groups or otherwise out-of-contention will ride as far to the right-hand side of the road as possible.

All USACycling rules and Gran Fondo Rules apply. Racers must wear helmets at all times when riding.


Aid Stations and support

There will be a very basic aid table at the end of the loop on the left hand side of the road at the intersection of Remount Road and Ninemile Rd by the Ranger Station. The table will have gels and a jug water. There won’t be any pre-filled bottles and water bottle handups will not be allowed here for the sake of safety. Riders who wish to stop for aid must pull off carefully to the left after signaling and looking to make sure they won’t interfere with other riders and should unclip. It is suggested that each rider carries 2-3 bottles of water and any nutrition they want during the ride. 70 mile Men A racers should certainly plan for self sufficiency unless you are willing to stop. You may leave jackets/apparel with the aid table and will be returned to staging area after the ride.

There will be a lead out car that will lead the 70 mile wave to the Nine Mile loop for at least the first lap. The 50 and 40 mile wave will not have a lead out out car but the turns will be marked. There will be a sweeper vehicle that will be on the course at all times. If you’d like you can put a set of spare wheels in the car but realize it will probably be faster to fix a flat than to wait for the sweeper. You can drop the spare wheels off at the staging area at registration.


Prizes and Awards

Top three in each category will be recognized. Cash (total to be determined by turnout) will be given to A categories. Merchandise given to B categories. 1st in each category will receive a unique trophy. Recognition to most aggressive rider (Men A, Women A) and best young rider (18U M/F).Cash will not exceed $499/individual. Awards will follow completion of all the races and will be held in the staging area.



1) H20 Bottle. Everyone receives a ZillaState Rocky Mountain Roubaix 21 oz cycling water bottle made by Specialized.

2) Ass Saver. First 75 registrants receive a Meng Dentistry/Cycling House Rocky Mountain Roubaix “Ass Saver” fender.

3) T-shirts. Can be purchased and ordered for $15 through the online registration process until April 23rd. You can purchase a T-shirt without racing in the online store. They may not be any T-shirts for sale onsite so get them ordered by the deadline! T-shirts are 60/40 cotton/poly and discharge printed.


Course Updates

At 5/6 2:15 PM… the dirt sections of the course was very dry
-Forecast is Scattered T-storms tonight and a stray shower is possible tomorrow with high 59 degrees.

-Even with the scattered t-storms tonight, the dirt should hold up and be dry or just a little damp tomorrow.

-There is one one-mile-ish section of the dirt on the climb on W Nine Mile Road that has some gravel. It isn’t thick but it isn’t smooth. Slick tires even as narrow as 25 would be totally fine there just bumpy. Just make sure to pump them up to max PSI to reduce risk of pinch flats.

-A few turns at intesections have some gravel that was unable to be swept. Scrub speed at intersections and look both ways for traffic even with volunteers out there.

– About 6 miles from the start and finish the road turns to one lane around a turn. Keep your head up and expect traffic coming in the other direction.

-Always ride to the right of the road and expect on coming traffic around every turn. It’s easy to see a smooth line on the opposite side of the road but please stay to the right of center. There was a good amount of traffic enjoying the warm Saturday afternoon.

– The left turn crossing the railroad tracks in Huson heading to the finish (about 4 miles out) is pretty gravely. Scrub speed to make the turn left safe. Also avoid cutting the inside of the turn and crossing the centerline.

-It’s beautiful out there right now! Lots of green and should be a great day for riding!

At 5/5 4PM…With two nights to go to RMR 17, I wanted to do a quick update and will do another tomorrow afternoon after I mark the course.

Pre-reg Counts so far: 52 total.
Wave 1 70 mIle – Men A: 16
Wave 2 50 mile – Women A: 5 and Master Men A: 3
Wave 3 40 mile – Men B: 10 Women B: 9 Master B: 9
Want to switch categories. Easy! Send me an email.

-Course (will update again tomorrow): Last checked the dirt is dry, firm and fast with minimal gravel. Some sections might be smoother than some of the pavement you encounter. Even with the scattered showers predicted for tonight and Saturday, I am thinking the dirt will be dry on Sunday. It will take a lot of rain to make the dirt slick and muddy which leads me to my tire recommendation.

-Tires: I think the winners will be on 25-28 slick tires. Some folks may choose to even run a wider cross tire with side knobs which would be certainly be fine although not at fast. Although the dirt is mostly smooth there is some gravel and rocks out there so pump those tires up to the max PSI to reduce the risk of pinch flatting over a rock or hitting a pot hole.

-Aid and Support: There will be a table with some gels and a jug of water at the Ranger Station junction where riders start and finish the loop. There will be no water bottle handups here for the sake of safety. It’s a busy and tight intersection there. So if you need water or a gel, you’l need to pull over completely to table (on the left) and fill up your bottle. Recommendation is to plan for self sufficiency. Two bottles in the cage and third bottle in jersey pocket if you think you need it.

There will be a lead car and follow car for Wave 1. Lead will lead for at least first lap. Wheels can be dropped off at registration. There will be no lead car for Wave 2 or 3. There will be a van that serves as sweep leaving with Wave 3 and will have flat repair stuff and will be out on course until the last rider is done. Wave 2 and 3 riders can put wheels in that van; however, depending on where the driver is on the course, it could be quicker to fix your own flat than wait for your extra wheel.

Even though we will mark the turns and hopefully have all turns staffed with volunteers it’s good to review the course ahead of time. Links to maps on website.

Course is open to traffic so please stay to the right of center of the road and look before you go through intersections. We will have volunteers notifying traffic but we can’t legally stop traffic so please, please, please look before you go through an intersection.

Should be a great day of riding! I can field questions here or through my email: